Riding the Tech Conference Rollercoaster: BETT CONNECT 2024 review (2/10)

  • by Peter Orban
  • Jan 27, 2024
  • 6 mins read

Welcome to the unpredictable world of tech conferences, a domain where BLCKS has both soared and stumbled. In this post, we're sharing our rollercoaster of experiences, from striking unexpected gold to navigating through what seemed like a hall of smoke and mirrors. Fasten your seatbelts; this is going to be an insightful ride!

The Highs and Lows of Tech Conferences

Picture this: we’re at a high-profile conference, the air buzzing with digital innovation. In a whirlwind of activity, we connect with a reseller who catapults our product across the US market (and it happened for real back in 2014 at our for Expo). These moments are the adrenaline-pumping highs of tech conferences – where opportunities are ripe, and deals are just a handshake away.

But for every mountain peak, there's a valley. We've seen our fair share of lows where the hype of a conference didn't match the reality. Imagine the frustration of booths with more style than substance, and networking events that lead to dead ends. These experiences, though disheartening, have been invaluable in teaching us the art of discernment in the tech conference circuit.

General Experiences at Bett

Bett was an invigorating experience, a stark contrast to the usual run-of-the-mill tech conferences laden with marketing fluff. It was a vibrant hub of activity, featuring a mix of big names and emerging startups. Workshops, keynotes, and panel discussions provided real, tangible takeaways, not just the typical marketing spiel. The event was a bustling space teeming with genuine buyers, educators, and students, all engaged and eager to explore the latest in EdTech. This dynamic environment made Bett an invaluable platform for genuine connections and insights into the education technology landscape.


Our primary goal for attending Bett was to showcase Kampus, our newest gamification platform (in cooperation with Flinkit!) designed for universities. Kampus is a freshly baked product that blends learning with the engaging elements of gaming, aiming to revolutionize the educational landscape. We were eager to gather market feedback from universities and potential resellers, gauging the response to our tool and identifying opportunities for collaborations and improvements. So our goal was pretty much a lead-focus goal, get as many leads as possible.

Our Odyssey with Bett

Bett, the titan of EdTech conferences, was our next stop. It's a place where the future of education technology unfolds in front of your eyes. Our first encounter with Bett was marked by remarkable organization and a palpable buzz of deal-making. But as with all adventures, there were twists in the tale.

Enter Bett Connect – a concept aimed at facilitating seamless networking without the traditional booth setup. On paper, it seemed revolutionary. In practice, it was akin to casting a wide net and hoping for a catch. Of the numerous meetings scheduled, only a paltry 5% actually took place. The rest? A series of missed connections and unfulfilled promises.

In-Depth Analysis of Bett Connect

Bett Connect, in its current form, is a concept with untapped potential. The idea of a streamlined, booth-free networking avenue is commendable. However, the execution fell short of our expectations. Let's dive deeper into what worked, what didn't, and how it could be reshaped into a more effective platform.

Bett Connect: Hits and Misses
  • Positive Aspects: The concept of peer-to-peer meetings without the traditional booth setup is innovative and cost-effective, especially for startups and smaller companies.
  • Challenges Faced: Lack of participation and commitment from scheduled attendees resulted in a low success rate (like 5%-7%). The platform needs a more robust system to ensure meeting compliance and engagement.
Recommendations for Bett Connect
  • Enhanced Booking Platform: A more intuitive and detailed booking platform can facilitate better prospecting, matching and scheduling, ensuring that meetings are fruitful and relevant.
  • Increased Visibility: Bett Connect exhibitors need more prominence within the conference. This could include dedicated areas, signage, or even special mentions in the event app and program.
  • Comprehensive Guide: A detailed guide or tutorial for both technology buyers and exhibitors on how to effectively use Bett Connect will demystify the process and encourage participation.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Implementing a feedback system post-meetings can help in refining the process and tailoring it to the needs of participants.

At the end of the conference our numbers were devastating: 1 meeting held of 20, and 3 meetings in total.

Currently, Bett Connect scores a 2/10 in our books for its execution, but it holds a potential 8/10 for its innovative concept. As for Bett itself, we give it a solid 5/10. It's not just about what is being offered; it's about how it's being executed.


The world of tech conferences is a kaleidoscope of experiences. At BLCKS, we’ve embraced this journey with open arms and a mindset ready for both triumphs and trials. As we continue to navigate these waters, we're armed with insights, experiences, and a steadfast resolve to extract the best out of every opportunity that comes our way.

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