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Flinkit Platform

Location-based, AI-powered onboarding and team-building platform.

At BLCKS, we pride ourselves on turning complex visions into reality. Our journey with Flinkit is a testament to this. Developing the Flinkit Platform was not just a project; it was an adventure in innovation and technical prowess.

— Bridging Mobile and Browser

The Flinkit Platform stands out as a huge achievement in our portfolio. Our challenge was to integrate mobile application functionality within a mobile browser framework. This was not a straightforward task, but our team was up for the challenge.

— Innovative solutions

Our approach involved pushing the boundaries of what's possible in a browser environment. We implemented features typically reserved for mobile apps, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience in a mobile browser setting.

— Collaboration with Flinkit

Working with Flinkit Kft was an enriching experience. Our longstanding partnership allowed us to deeply understand their vision and requirements, enabling us to create a platform that truly resonates with their brand and business objectives.

Imagine trying to fit the power of a mobile app into a browser - kind of like hosting a rock concert in a library. Challenging? Sure. Impossible? Not for us.

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Impact and Success

The Flinkit Platform has been a game-changer. Its innovative approach to combining mobile app features with the accessibility of a browser has not only set new standards but also significantly contributed to winning clients for Flinkit.

— A global reach and success

Post-launch, the platform has gained remarkable traction, attracting interest from various sectors worldwide. It stands as a shining example of how cutting-edge technology can revolutionize business engagement and client interaction.

  • Client:
    Flinkit Kft
  • Category:
    Web and mobile applications
  • Awards:
    ProductHunt® 4th product of the day

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