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The Kampus platform

Complex gamification platform for universities and high-schools.

Clients of the platform

Kampus, our latest development is a complex gamification for universities, designed to transform the traditional campus experience into an exhilarating adventure. Kampus isn't just a platform; it's a new way to experience university life, blending learning with fun and community spirit.

— Social Experience at its Best

Kampus’s Social Experience feature is the heart of student life. Here, students don't just meet; they connect, collaborate, and create memories. From team quests to student-run events, Kampus is where lifelong friendships are forged and a sense of community thrives.

— Quests That Go Beyond the Classroom

With our innovative Online and Offline Quests, education leaps out of the textbooks. We're talking about mind-bending online puzzles, thrilling campus-wide scavenger hunts, and explorations that turn the whole university into a playground of knowledge.

— Engagement Inside and Out

Whether it’s the cerebral challenge of online quests or the exhilarating rush of real-world adventures, Kampus offers a diverse array of activities. These quests are designed not just to entertain but to stimulate intellectual curiosity and encourage exploration.

— Mobile-First Approach

In today's world, mobile is king, and Kampus reigns supreme with its mobile-first design. This approach ensures that students have access to a world of learning and social interaction right at their fingertips.

— Learning, Community, and Fun

Kampus brings together the best of education, community, and entertainment. It's where learning becomes an adventure, and university life becomes a journey of discovery and connection.

Kampus mobile menu

Kampus outdoor version

Looking into the future

The success of Kampus at one of Hungary’s leading universities is just the beginning. It stands as a shining example of how innovative approaches can redefine education and student life. We look forward to seeing Kampus continue to impact universities globally, shaping the future of higher education with every quest, challenge, and connection.

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