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Global tour guide application and tour platform

At BLCKS, we don’t just code – we create digital magic! And when it came to developing the Wingman platform, let’s just say it was less like typical software development and more like assembling a superhero team for the digital tour world. Think capes, gadgets, and a little bit of tour-guide wizardry! Partnering with Wingman wasn't just another day at the office; it was an epic journey into the uncharted territories of global tour platforms and mobile applications.

— A Tour de Force

Our mission was to build a two-sided marketplace and mobile app – a digital handshake between tour operators and tourists. Picture this: tour operators weaving their spellbinding tours, and tourists downloading them with the excitement of kids in a candy store.

— Offline is the New Online

What's a superhero without a superpower? Ours was enabling tourists to play tour content offline. That's right, no internet, no problem! Perfect for those who find themselves in the middle of nowhere, or just in a café with sketchy Wi-Fi.

— Empowering the Caped Crusaders and the Curious Cats

Here’s to the tour operators – our caped crusaders of travel, and the tourists – our curious cats, exploring the world. Wingman brings them together in a marketplace that's more bustling than a superhero convention.

Imagine trying to fit the power of a mobile app into a browser - kind of like hosting a rock concert in a library. Challenging? Sure. Impossible? Not for us.

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Impact and results

Our collaboration with Wingman was more than just a client-service provider relationship; it was a partnership built on mutual vision and commitment. This synergy was crucial in translating the ambitious goals of Wingman into a tangible, successful product.

The development of Wingman is a story of innovation, collaboration, and success. It's a testament to our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also deeply aligned with our clients' vision and market needs. Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of Wingman, a platform that's not just changing how people tour but is also shaping the future of global tourism.

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