In-Depth Review: Property Portal Watch 2023 in Madrid (8/10)

  • by Peter Orban
  • Jan 27, 2024
  • 3 mins read
Introduction: Our Conference Experience Spectrum

Over the years, our journey through various conferences has been a spectrum of experiences - from striking instant business deals to attending events that barely scratched the surface of value addition. It's a dynamic world, one where every conference promises opportunities but delivers them with varying degrees of success.

PPW2023 in Madrid: A Benchmark Event

Property Portal Watch (PPW) 2023 in Madrid wasn't just another event on our calendar; it turned out to be a landmark in our journey of conferences. This event not only enabled us to win the "Best Pitch Award" but also served as a fertile ground for generating leads and forging high-profile connections.

Why PPW2023 Stands Out
  • Optimal Size: The conference was neither too large nor too small. It created an environment conducive to focused interactions, making every conversation meaningful and every handshake potentially impactful.
  • Flawless Organization: Every detail, from the schedule to the session formats, was meticulously planned. This precision in organization ensured a seamless experience for both attendees and exhibitors.
  • Accessibility to Leadership: The accessibility to Simon Baker, the CEO, was a game-changer. His hands-on approach and availability for direct interactions added a unique and personal touch to the event.
  • Engaging Sessions: The sessions were a refreshing change from the norm. Their engaging and professional nature kept the audience captivated, a rare feat in an era where conference sessions often become secondary to networking.
  • Exceptional Networking Opportunities: The night events at PPW2023 were more than just social gatherings. They were strategically designed for networking, set in high-quality venues that facilitated genuine connections among attendees.
Deep Dive: Sessions and Interactions

The sessions at PPW2023 deserve a special mention. Each session was a blend of insightful content, expert speakers, and interactive discussions. Unlike many other conferences where sessions can feel like a series of sales pitches, PPW2023's sessions were genuinely informative, offering real takeaways and sparking meaningful discussions among participants.

The interaction didn't just stop at the session doors. The corridors and networking spaces buzzed with discussions, ideas, and collaborations taking shape. It was a melting pot of thoughts, where each conversation had the potential to open new doors and perspectives.

Networking: Beyond Just Business Cards

Networking at PPW2023 went beyond the exchange of business cards. It was about building relationships. The attendees were not just looking to hand out cards but were genuinely interested in learning, sharing, and exploring potential collaborations. This depth in networking is a rare find in the conference circuit and something that PPW2023 managed to achieve effortlessly.

Final Thoughts and Rating

Reflecting on our time at PPW2023 in Madrid, it's clear that this event stands out as a beacon of how conferences should be designed and executed. From the thoughtfully curated sessions to the quality of networking, every element of the conference was geared towards adding real value. Our experience here gets a well-deserved 8 out of 10, setting a high bar for future events.

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